March on Trenton

Rally on Trenton- by Sebastain Desmarais 

On March 5th Pemberton Township Schools participated at the March on Trenton rally. The March on Trenton rally took place in front of the Trenton Statehouse. Schools all over New Jersey came together to protest the school funding cuts Gov. Phil Murphy is trying to pass. With school funding cuts classes would get larger and the number of teacher aids would be cut. With fewer teacher aids and bigger classes, the teacher won’t be able to pay as much attention to some students that are not as academically inclined as others. That could potentially endanger a students education which could negatively impact their future. Following teacher cuts is clubs and sports. A lot of students rely on sports for scholarships to go to college. Without a sport cuts the number of scholarships cutting out hope or chance of college also negatively affecting a students future. Students also rely on sports and clubs as a place to be themselves and to feel welcome somewhere and taking that away can affect the way they see themselves and how they act. This also can result in endangering their education. The end result in cutting school funds are students education could potentially be in danger of potentially ruining their future. But not only does funding cuts affect students it will affect the lives of the teachers who get laid off. Since the cuts are statewide then every school will be forced to let go out employees so the only other way to find a job would be going out of state or have to pursue another career. With educational, personal, and emotional damages the budget cuts would not be able to benefit the State of New Jersey. Today’s students are the future and everyone wants the future to be built on success.