Boy’s Tennis Preview

Spring Sports Preview Boys Tennis- Elijah Hanebury


As the spring sports season starts off, every team is practicing hard and preparing for their upcoming seasons. Today, I’ve placed my focus on the PTHS Boys Tennis team. I talked to Mr. Kurpicki, head coach of the Boys Tennis team for a general outlook on the season and how the team is looking in the wake of their season this spring. Mr. Kurpicki answered my questions and gave me the honest scoop regarding his team.


How are you feeling about the upcoming season this year?


Mr. Kurpicki: The season is looking as it usually does. The only problem is that we’re lacking the necessary boys to complete the team. At this rate, we won’t have every spot on the team filled. Every match, we’ll have to forfeit a spot in order to participate.


You’re lacking the necessary boys to compete at maximum capacity?


Mr. Kurpicki: Well, yeah. We almost have enough boys for a full team. It would even be nice to have a little bit of a JV team as well.


Are your players looking better than they have before as they prepare for the season ahead of them?


Mr. Kurpicki: Oh, definitely. The ball is being kept in play more often than it ever has and our serves are getting better every day.


Thank you, and I hope more boys will join. I wish the best for the team and the season.


As a member of the team, the threat of not having many players is rather startling. However, with the boys we have now, I have confidence that we can play our hearts out and have a good time. It’s never too late to join the team though! If interested, Mr. Kurpicki in room 322 has all the necessary paperwork to play. The team’s first official match is April 1st, so if you have the tiniest bit of desire in learning tennis, need something to do, or just like to learn new things, think about coming out for boys tennis!