Indoor Percussion and Color Guard

Color Guard and Percussion- By Joylyn Rodriquez


Q&A: Caprice Edgar on the Color Guard and Indoor Percussion Competition


Q: Who will be participating in this competition?

A: “Basically any indoor program associated with the Intermediate Class Tournament Indoor Association (TIA)”


Q: Where is the competition taking place?

A: “At the Pemberton Township High School A gym”


Q: When is the competition?

A: “March 23rd at 2 PM”


Q: What happens at the competition?

A: “A bunch of indoor percussion groups and indoor guards will perform and compete. Rewards are given out to the winner in each group in their category.”


Q: Why should people go to the competition?

A: “Each show tells a different story and you get different vibes and energy for each show. It’s an art in itself. This week alone we’re having three practices until 9 PM. Sometimes, depending if there’s a competition, we’ll even stay on Friday’s. We’re dedicated to what we do and people should try to come out and see all our hard work.”