An Interview with Student Activities Coordinator Mr. Boshnack- Addison Dorsey

The Stinger’s Addison Dorsey sat down with Mr. Boshnack on his new role as Student Activities Coordinator and what students at PTHS can do to get involved!


1)      What are some upcoming activities?


Now that homecoming is finished, there are several looking for clubs to get involved with. Students should look at their google emails every week to check the calendar that is emailed to them with all student activities. Some big events coming up soon are AVID Volleyball Tournament on Tuesday November 13th, Silly Staff Olympics on Friday November 30th, auditions for Pemberton’s Got Talent on December 3rd and 5th, National Honor Society inductions on December 6th, as well as our PTHS Winter Concert on Wednesday December 19th.

2)      Why should students get involved?

It is very important for all students to get involved in extracurricular events. While the most important focus should be on academics, the most well rounded students should try to fit in other activities into their schedule. Colleges are always looking for students who not only have good grades and test scores but are involved in their school community as well.

3)      How did you get the student activities coordinator position and why did you want it?

Last year, it came to my attention that other high schools in the area had a student activities coordinator. Being that we have so many great activities going on in our school I found it very necessary to have someone at PTHS that would pass along the information to staff and students as to what is going on in our school. I approached administration and they were eager to give me the chance to prove that such a position is a necessary one for our school. As a result, I believe that more students are aware of what is going on this year and there is an increased involvement in our student activities.

4)      Are there any changes you plan on making as student activities coordinator?

I am always thinking of ways to get more students involved. As of now I am emailing a weekly calendar to every student google email account. In the future I would like to get more students signed up for the student activities Remind101 and Google Classroom and have more interactive discussions with the students as to how we can make the school a better place.