Athletic Spotlight- Bowling by Brianna Braman

Today in our Winter Sports Preview we look at Bowling. Coached by Mr. Taylor and Mr. Fry, the team looks to build off of the success of last year.

What are you looking forward to for this upcoming season?

I’m looking forward to the new comers, the matches, and the bonding that we have every year.

How did you get started in this sport?  

I got started on this sport because my whole family bowls so it was bound for me to bowl.

What are your team expectations for this season?

My team expectations for this season is to bowl amazing and take home the third time champions

Who are some of the big pieces for the team this year?

The big pieces for the team this year would be varsity taking home the championship bowling once again and going out undefeated.

What is your favorite aspect of your sport?

My favorite aspect of this sport would be the knowledge and the skill that you must have to do it.

What are your individual goals for this sport?

My individual goal for this sport is to achieve a 300( a perfect game) and to obtain a 150-170 average.What is your favorite match up?


My favorite match up would probably be Ewing, they are a hard team to beat. My favorite pin count to hit is probably the ten pin or all of them.

For people coming considering coming out this season, why should they do so?

They should come out this season because you’ll get a bond with everyone there, the coach’s care and try to help you become a better bowler, you don’t need to know how to bowl we can teach you. You will have help with people there that you connect with.