Black Ops 4- A Review Alberto Gomez and Alfonso Madrigal

The Review

By Alberto Gomez and Alfonso Madrigal

Call of Duty Black ops 4, commonly referred to as BO4, only came out nearly a month ago and it is still leading the gaming industry. With 2,697,730 followers on Twitch and bringing back fans from a drought of bad Call of Duty games, there is no doubt that Black Ops 4 is one of the hottest games of the year. Black Ops 4 caught the world by surprise and has been the reason that people are dropping hours of long nights and busy weekends into this game. This first person shooter also includes a variety of new features which you can look forward to! For example, this years Call of duty brought:



Multiplayer is the mold for most Call of Duty games today and is the deciding factor if the game will continue to grow and become a top rated game, or die within the first months again. This year, with the release of Black Ops 4, many are dying to know whether to jump on the hype train or let the game die out. Well, multiplayer is a fantastic gamemode offering many other modes within it and offers hours on top of hours of gameplay and fun. For those who don’t know, the main idea of multiplayer is to jump into a multiplayer lobby, including up to 12 players, and kill the enemies/play the objective depending on the mode chosen. Within playing these games, you level up and unlock various weapons, loot, and gear. Overall it is a highly like able game and is highly recommended. For those who have been unsure, Call of Duty is back! There are many game modes to play within Black ops 4, but these are the most exciting to look forward to:

Team Deathmatch

  • This is the most classic and go-to mode in multiplayer. TDM is a 6 vs 6 battle where you and your team fight to the death, but don’t worry, respawn is on. Each kill counts as a point towards your team and the first team to reach 75 points, or the team with the most points at the end, wins! It’s as easy as that!

Kill Confirmed

  • Kill confirmed is like the famous Team Deathmatch, but with a twist. Instead of each kill counting as a point, each enemy you kill will drop a tag that you must collect to count it towards your team’s points. Likewise, if a teammate dies, they will drop a blue tag which your team can collect so the other team cannot. The score limit is 60 points but will last you a lot of fun.


  • Domination is a gamemode for the people that love a long lasting game which offers A TON of XP, a copious amount of kills, and offers an enjoyable time. Within this mode, players are separated into a 6 vs 6 game and there are 3 different objectives (one in each team spawn and one in mid) and you must capture as many as you can for as long as you can. For every couple seconds, you get a point per objective you control, until you reach the halftime mark (100 points) or the fulltime mark (at 200 points). Kills don’t matter here in this mode, only your bravery to charge forward and secure a point for your team.

Search and Destroy

  • Search and Destroy is for those who like to live on the edge. Players are split into a 5 vs 5 and there is no respawn in this mode. Once you die in the round, you do not come back. To win this mode, you have to win a total of 4 rounds by either killing all other teammates on the opposing team, or plant/defuse the bomb for your team.

BO4 also brought a ton of new features to the table such as a new emote system where your player can move around and you can express yourself more; tier system which unlocks many different items for specialists, weapon camos, reserves, and skins; brand new specialists; and tactical AR’s which are a new weapon class.



Blackout is the Battle Royale for Black Ops 4, where 88 players fly into the map and fight it out to the death! Leading with one of the highest rated games today, Fortnite, this gamemode is extremely hectic, as it features parts of the greatest multiplayer maps to exist in previous Call of Duty games. A couple of named locations are Nuketown Island, Firing Range, Asylum, Hydro Dam, and Estates. You start by flying over in multiple helicopters and wingsuit down to a landing area of your choice. Upon landing, you are faced with the task of traveling across the map finding various weapons, gear, and other loot to take own not only the other 87 players, but also massive hordes of the undead lurking around.



Zombies is a more renovated gamemode, giving the users a variety of map choices with three maps, and additional map if you purchased the Black Ops Pass. The three maps you get are IX, which is a gladiator based map, Blood of the Dead, that is a remake of Mob of the Dead, and Voyage of Despair. If you purchased the Black Ops pass, you gain access to classified, which is the remake of the iconic map Five from Black Ops. The growing gamemode known as Zombies is a fast paced, entertaining mode where you (along with 3 others if you choose) are tasked to survive non-stop oncoming hordes of undead zombies. One great thing that changed in BO4 zombies is training, which is where you group zombies up and obtain a mass amount of kills. It seems like in this game mode the zombies are more sporadic and roam all over the place, making it much harder to train. Overall this will be a great year for the zombies community. And for those who are hooked to the lure of the game, Zombies brings a whole new story which seems to be only the beginning of an amazingly long journey, so prepare to play for hours to discover the Easter eggs lying within.


Specialist HQ

With the game not containing a campaign, like all the previous Call Of Duty games, BO4 brings a new mode called Specialist HQ. In this mode you follow a story line where you learn the backstory of the specialists in the multiplayer, by playing multiplayer game modes with AI’s. Each specialist has a specific gamemode, but before you hop in a game, the game makes you go through a tutorial with a Black Ops legend, Frank Woods, who gives you the rundown of each specialists unique abilities. This mode gives the player a story line to follow, with practice to multiplayer, as it contains three different difficulty settings in it, Recruit, Regular, and Veteran. Within this mode, it contains cut scenes that piece a story line, and possibly hint towards a new specialist arriving into multiplayer. But the only way to piece the story together, is to grind through the matches.