Character Education at PTHS- An interview with Mr. Joseph by Brianna Braman

One of the newest programs that is being implemented for the 2018-2019 School Year is the Character ED Program. The four goals of Character ED at Pemberton are Integrity, Perseverance, Empathy and Gratitude. Character ED’s objective this school year is to change the school’s climate and culture to be nurturing and caring to all students. All students should feel safe and welcomed at PTHS.  The Stinger’s Brianna Braman Sat down with Mr. Joseph to discuss Character ED and the impact that it is having on the School.


How did character ED come about?

Mr. Joseph- We knew we needed to do things to help make students become better students and all around people, and to make people think about things before it happens.


What are your goals for character ED?

Mr.Joseph- To make better people out of Pemberton students, to help better people when challenges can be preserved.


What are some of the challenges for character Ed?

Mr.Joseph- Some of the challenges are getting the students to buy into it, spreading the concept, and getting the students to acknowledge and know about it.


Which core values do you personally need to work on?

Mr.Joseph- I think I need to work on empathy, helping students through tough times and learning how to help those students.


What are some of the positive stories that have happened this year?

Mr.Joseph- There’s a thing going on called share your stories where students can write or talk about a time someone showed one of the traits. There was a story on teachers helping and preserving what students submitted.


What can students do to get involved with character ED this year?

Mr.Joseph- We sent out a survey on the school’s climate trying to find areas that need to be fixed, reaching out to teachers or students, and to help spread your knowledge about character ED.