Club Spotlight- Travel Club Mrs. Montero- by Sebastian Demarais



Want to see the world? Want to learn about different cultures and taste different foods? If the answer is yes, consider joining the Travel Club. The Stinger’s Sebastian Demarais sat down with Mrs. Montero to find out more about the Travel Club.  

If you aren’t in travel club how do you go about joining?

You have to come see Mrs. Montero and get and application.


Where is travel club going this year?

This year we are going to Rome, Italy, and Athens, Greece.


How much is it to go on the trip?

Normally it is $3000 but it is all inclusive(food, transport, rooming).


As being the director of travel club what are your responsibilities?

My job is to organize fundraisers, promote membership, and the Mr. Pemberton competition.


What will you see on the trip this year?

We will see the Roman Colosseum, Ruins of Pompeii, the Parthenon of Greece, and the Vatican Church.


Around what time do you go on the trip?

The trip takes place March of the students senior year.


Why do you like being in charge of travel club?

I can not put a value on what the experience gives each student, not only does it expose them to other cultures, languages, it also gives them so many different learning opportunities in many different learning subjects. It also makes them a more well rounded student.


How are the trips decided?

When there is enough students I will hold a vote and the majority wins.


What are your favorite parts of the trip?

Moments when it never fails when students smile ear to ear and that makes it all worth it, as a history teacher I get to experience all the things I teach about.