Get to know the Clubs- Black History Club by Kathryn Hightown and Amaiya Giddens

Kathryn Hightower and Amaiya Giddings

The Black History Club is run by both Ms. Jackson and Ms. Clark and we meet every Wednesday. We learn about different historical figures who aren’t as well known that aided in the progression of African Americans. We also talk about current events and have conversations about sensitive or controversial topics, like race and colorism. Although we learn about “black history” and other topics surrounding African Americans, the club is not strictly for African American students- it’s open to people of any background or race.

Throughout the year, we have different fundraisers so we can fund our end of the year trip to an HBCU (Historically Black College/University) of our choosing for the entire day. For the past two years we’ve visited Howard University but this year we’re visiting Morgan State University. We ride a coach bus to the school, are given a tour around the campus, have lunch at the school, and talk to the students about their college experiences.

Among our other fundraisers, The Black History Club annually presents two major fundraisers: the Fashion Show and the Soul Food Luncheon. These major events showcase African-American culture, history, and performing arts that entertain many everyone in attendance.

The Luncheon is a soul food fundraiser that is extremely popular with the staff here at PTHS that we have on the last day of February every year. Members of the club and Mr. Mocci donate homemade meals and desserts that we serve to the staff within the district and the students. Each year, The Black History Club members establish a theme and decorate the auditorium lobby where the Luncheon is held according to that theme. We typically stay after one or two days before to decorate with either painting, drawings, or balloons.

The Fashion Show showcases a combination of skits, which are created by selected student captains, that all pertain to a common theme. Although the theme is ever changing, one thing that’s constant is our African skit which incorporates African clothing, music, dances, and walks. Similar to the club, the Fashion Show is open to all students.

The Black History Club welcomes new people every meeting- it is NEVER too late to join. Invite your friends!