Health and Wellness Week by Haley Finelli

Wellness Week


As Wellness week approached, staff members at PTHS influenced the students to educate themselves on health, and how to know you're being healthy with your choices. It's not just if you're eating fruits and veggies, it's more like did you sleep 8 hours? Are you happy with the people you surround yourself with? Mental health is seen to be equally as important as physical health.  


A few words from Mr. Joseph

Question- How successful was wellness week from the perspective of a principal?

Mr. Joseph - I think it went well.

Mr. Joseph - what is the purpose of wellness week?

Answer- To get everyone thinking more outside the box of wellness as a whole. It's not specifically what we are putting in our bodies, it's how we take care of them too. On iPhones, the new update gives us options to look at our screen time and that's important to look at to see how obsessed we are with our phones; unhealthy obsession.


The staff at PTHS has done their part during wellness week by promoting healthy lifestyles and showing videos in class advocating for such. In the school cafeterias, they are providing fruits for free to students. Not only is the school trying to lead everyone down the right path, but they are also doing their part to influence students to be healthy while doing so.