Helpful ways to bring up those grades before it’s too late By: Samantha Lane

Around this time in every year students are starting to slack off on their school work and making their main focus socialization. But as the marking periods are coming to and end, they begin to frantically scramble to their teachers for extra credit or something to boost their grades before it’s too late. To save the teachers at the end of the marking periods from students coming to them, here are some helpful tips to keep those grades up throughout the year.

The most obvious tip is to stay out of the hallways and start being in your classes. It is quite obvious that more students tend to be wandering the halls then in their classrooms.  If you aren’t in the class then you will never be able to understand what’s going on. Talking to a few teachers about this subject often say that the kids that are failing their classes because they are not in the room the majority of the time and when they are in the room they aren’t paying attention to the lessons. They also say that high school students don’t really know how harsh it is going to be out in the real world and if they don’t pay attention and get the knowledge that they are given now then they’ll never experience success in the real world. This statement is 100% true, most teenagers are not focusing on their future and by the time the future becomes the present they won’t be ready for it. So stop wandering the halls, take off the headphones, put your phones away, and start hitting the books

Another tip on keeping up on your grades is staying after for tutoring. Our school offers the opportunity to stay after school for a little while and get the chance to get help from teachers on homework or a lesson that you didn’t fully grasp during class. Our staff members take the time to sit down and have a one-on-one mini lessons with students to help them understand things in the ways they feel it’s the easiest way comprehend and to be able to do it on their own. Not many students are taking this privilege and using it as much as they need to. If the students who are struggling to keep their grades up don’t stay for tutoring every once in a while then they are never going to see progress in their work. Take the time out of your day to stay after school for a little longer so you can achieve a great accomplishment.

For the kids who don’t have the best grades and who are willing to take an action and make them better try these tips and you will see a new and better result on those report cards.