Holiday Smiles- Brianna Phillips

Holiday Smiles has been around PTHS for over a decade, and is something that everyone should strive to get involved in or contribute to. It was created by Mr. Kurpicki and Ms. Rose, who are both current teachers here at PTHS. I sat down with Mr. Kurpicki to learn more about the charity, and how one could go about participating in it.


Q: What is Holiday Smiles?


A: Holiday Smiles is a charity that we started about fifteen years ago. Ms. Rose and I, along with a couple of other teachers decided to try to get our students at the high school more involved in giving back to the community. We came up with Holiday Smiles for families within the school district that are a little down on their luck, so that we can provide them with a nice holiday season.


Q: How do you get involved?


A: Usually, the students who get involved are either in one of my or Ms. Rose’s classes, but we accept anyone who wants to get involved and help out, as long as people come to actually help out, participate, and try to make a difference and create a positive atmosphere within their community.


Q: Why should people get involved?


A: People should get involved because it’s always good to give back to your community. You never know when you might be on the opposite side or you might need someone else’s help. I think it’s important to serve your community, get involved in community service, and realize that everyone has difficult times in their life. It’s nice and worth it when you’re able to see little children get Christmas’. It’s hard to see that young kids in our own school district aren’t going to get anything for Christmas, so I think it’s important for everyone to start now and hopefully keep it going.


Q: What is the biggest fundraiser?


A: Our biggest fundraiser is the Silly Staff Olympics. This year it will be on November 30th, which is a Friday night. The doors open at 6:00 PM, and it’ll have staff members from throughout the district, including Helen Fort Middle School, PECEC, PTHS, and other elementary schools. Basically, two teams compete against each other in a variety of games including musical chairs, volleyball, relay races, a pie eating contest, and much more. We usually have some food to buy and hopefully we’ll have some baskets to raffle off. It’ll be a fun night and it should make everybody laugh seeing their teachers in a different light.


Tickets for the Silly Staff Olympics will be available for purchase beginning the 26th of this month through the 30th. They will be $3 in advance, and you will be able to buy them from a number of staff and students. However, if you are unable to do so they will be $5 at the door. The Silly Staff Olympics are a great opportunity to not only donate to a worthy cause, but to also enjoy a good laugh while seeing your favorite teachers and staff compete in Green and White Night like activities. Make sure you come out to see them, and remember all proceeds go to Holiday Smiles!