Hornet Fashion Watch- Noaa Sabo!

Hornets’ Fashion Watch


Fashion week may be over, but here at PTHS, being fashion forward is year round. Many students here at our school pride themselves on their style of dress and grooming. Custom kicks, embroidered bombers, and even trying to bring back blunt-cut bangs can all be seen in our halls. Junior student Dom Rodriguez has been known for his choice in his everyday attire. When asked why he cares about his appearance, we received a response as simple as it is bold. “Just makes me feel good when I look good.” Feeling good about yourself is the root of all fashion; if you don't feel like a million bucks, why waste your time? Brands today each have their own custom feel and aesthetic. Our fashion mogul of this week revealed his favorite brands to be Supreme and Champion because of their unique look. Fashion means something different to each and every one of us. The main thing we all should strive for when choosing what to wear is “Being yourself in your own clothes.” When looking back on your life in years past graduation, you’ll want to see who you really were, not who you were trying to impress with the new fit. We are the future of the modern world, and we are the inspiration for the fashion trends of the future. Make a statement, and inspire others with your one of a kind style. Maybe we’ll interview you next!