Midterm Election Results by Haley Finelli

During the 2018 midterm election, 113 million people stood in line to vote for a real change in our system. On November 6th, the Democrats took back the House of Representatives which has not happened since 2010. Essentially this was a big slap in the face to the conservatives agenda. For the first time ever, over 100 women were elected into the house, not only that, it was one of the most diverse elections we have ever had.

Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, first Muslim women in Congress.

Ayanna Pressley, Massachusetts’ first black congresswoman.

Jared Polis, first openly gay man elected governor in the US.

Marsha Blackburn, first woman elected to Senate in Tennessee.


But what does this all mean? Despite the big changes for the Democratic party, the Republicans still have rule of the senate, with an even bigger majority than before.


In New Jersey, Bob Menendez won his third term for senate. Going into the election, we had 7 Democratic representatives and 5 Republican. The most anticipated results came to be Andy Kim coming in with 49.9% and Tom MacArthur with 48.8%.


Pemberton Borough council seats.

Steven Fenster (D) 268 30.1%.
Clifford Rutherford (D) 241 27.1%.


The title of Mayor went to David A. Patriarca (D) with 3,506 votes (52%).


The election results had shifted the balance all over the country, and perhaps next you could be apart of the change.