National Honor Society Inductions- By Addison Dorsey

  • Induction:

On Thursday, December 6th 27 new member will join the National Honors Society.The students joining have performed at a high academic level and have participated in community service both in and out of school. When inducted in the National Honor Society the members will perform acts of community service, earn opportunities for scholarships, and develop connections to help them in college and in the future. Advisor Ms. Schleifman encourages all students of PTHS to work towards becoming a member of the National Honors Society.


  • What is it like being in NHS?
  • How was your Induction experience?


Alexander Ray:

“ Being in NHS is a very rewarding experience that both pushes me to work harder in and out of school. It also helps me grow as a person with a group of other esteemed members of my school/community.”


“My experience at the induction was very positive. It was formal and everyone got dressed up and it was really nice to be publicly recognized by the community for all of the hard work that myself and everyone else who had been inducted.”


Christopher Ruzicka:

“The induction has showed me that this group of people truly do want what’s best for the school and share a close bond that seems to grow through every new member that was included both tonight and last year.”


Congrats the following new members of the National Honor Society

Matthew Bentley
Kayla Buckelew
Madeline Capewell
Jahziel Flora
Jessica Fuentes
Madison Garcia
Nilabhro Ghosal
Ariana Harrell
Tiernan Johnson
Hailey Jolly
Jessica Ketterman
Dylan Marlin
Alexander Massimino
Julianna McCarthy
Kyara Newton
Saddiyah Pankins
Brianna Phillips
Alexander Ray
Christopher Ruzicka
Emily Ruzicka
Atomu Saul
Katelyn Skoglund
Paige Solarski
Eric Spivak
Kailey Stinehart
Quintin Stinney
Gavin Trutzenbach