Opinion- Does Central Jersey Exist? by Sebastian Desmarais

Even though we are one state, there are some significant differences between the two regions. One major topic is the argument on whether that delicious breakfast meat is called Taylor Ham or pork roll. North and South Jersey are also divided by sports teams, whether you root for New York teams or Philly teams. However, even though we usually divide the state into two regions, there is that controversial third region called “Central Jersey.” New Jersey has its four regions. You have the Jersey Shore which consists of all your middle aged older upper middle or upper upper economic class. You have south Jersey which consists of mainly your lower middle and middle economic class also you have your majority of  Philly team fans. North Jersey which consists of your lower upper and in certain spots lower class and New York team fans. Last you have Central Jersey. This is funny because there is no dominant economic class in Central Jersey, it’s mixed. Your sports teams the fans are split also. So does that make Central Jersey north or south. Neither because it is its own region. America has always been a country where people can openly speak below is a map made by the people and by a poll majority had said that there is indeed a central jersey.