Opinion- Nap Time in High School?- Samatha Lane

Nap time In High school?

Though most teachers complain that there students are falling asleep in class, they do not want to take part in a solution for the exhaustion of their students. The students that are sleeping in class are usually under stress whether it’s from school or  home. Country-wide, 69% is the percent of students that admitted to having some sort mental illness of depression or anxiety which leads to stress. The percentage of students who admitted to be under the impression of the mental illness also claim to lose sleep at night because they lay awake throughout the night, causing them to be drowsy and subsequently falling asleep during class.

But going through and researching about this problem, there is a solution. Schools have been putting in sleep pods for the students who have trouble staying awake. These pods have a timer and each session is 20 minutes. Once the time is up the student is woken up by an alarm and they head back class whether it’s to complete an exam, test, notes, or classwork. The schools that have tried these sleeping pods saw a remarkable change within those students who used the pods and the students were happier and more focused. The napping pods are essentially egg-shaped lounge chairs that recline, with a circular lid that can be pulled over the chest to shield against light. A student by the name Hannah Vanderkooy was only getting 4-5 hours of sleep a night. So she tried the sleeping pods and her experience with the pod was a good one. She claimed that there was soft music playing in the pod and “you just feel extremely relaxed.” The 20-minute experience is a wonderful “oasis” amid all the worry and stress of school, she says. Hannah is not the only student who has tried these pods and had an life changing experience and she will not be the last one. Schools would have a greater grade average coming from their students if they tried to solve the problems of students falling asleep in class by investing in the sleeping pods.