Senior Spring Trip- Colby Jenkins

The Senior Trip for the upcoming graduates of 2019 was one to remember.  Creating memories with friends, making friends, and having fun in Florida was all that is was about.  The weather could not get any better being in the mid to low 80’s for the first 3 days and with a little rain on the last day in the morning, the sun quickly came back out to help savor the last day of our amazing trip.  Walt Disney World along with Universal Studios was such a perfect destination for our seniors as many students were able to experience both places for the first time.

Whether you were waking up at 1 or pulling an all-nighter, everyone’s excitement carried them through the night and into the warm Florida weather.  The freedom on going to whatever park to start the day and being able to have park hoppers while at Disney showed the trust in the supervisors as well as everyone who approved the trip, and for that the students are very thankful.


Thank you to Mrs. Carne, Mr. Zangaro. Ms. Struther, and everyone else who was able to make this trip a possibility in the first place.  The class trip was a highlight of many of the seniors' high school years and one that will never be forgotten.