Should PTHS Modernize with Card Readers

Should We Modernize With Card Readers?

By Haley Finelli


According to the New York Times, 16% of teenagers ages 16-17 have their own debit card which is an increase from the 12% accounted for in 2000. As a person apart of the 16%, I would find it more convenient if card readers were more a part of the high school culture we have. Not only should we have card readers, but we should also improve the vending machine options to pull in a larger crowd. With technology growing so fast, why shouldn't we modernize?


Elizabeth Sexton, a junior at PTHS says that we should have card readers for vending machines because it is more convenient instead of having to get exact change for those pesky $1.25 items and there is no hassle. A few other students can agree to this statement.


To take it a step further, what if the school were to offer the balance on our student IDs? If vending machines were more flexible, that extra income can be put to good use for the school. It ain't much but it's honest work. If we install card readers for vending machines, perhaps teachers and staff may utilize it as well because most teachers I know go to Wawa anyways because they do not carry cash. If we made it easier for students to just swipe and select, vending machines could be a new business for the school. As we modernize as a country, so should our schools. The possibilities to bank out on convenience are almost too good to pass up.