Winter Sport Captain Preview- Lady Hornets BB

The Stinger begins its Winter Captain Team Preview. Today we start with the Girls Basketball Team. The Girls team is coached by Coach Jay Liberti. The season was very successful last year with the team going 9-19. The Stinger sat down with Makaylah Lemons, Nyemah Middleton and Saddiyah Pankins to hear about the team goals and what they look forward to this year.

Makaylah Lemons-ML

Nyemah Middleton- NM

Saddiyah Pankins-SP


What are you looking forward to for this upcoming season?

ML-”I am looking forward to the competition this season. We just got moved to South Jersey division which is a very aggression division to be in, but I think the team is up for the challenge.”


NM- “I am looking forward to some very good competition this year that i know my teammates and I can handle.”


SP-“I look forward to the different teams we’re going to verse this year. Like Makaylah said, moving up to South Jersey division is a challenge that the team is up against this year and we’re looking forward to it.”


How did you get started in this sport?  

ML-”I started playing basketball when I was 5 years old in South Carolina with my dad and my grandfather as my coach.”


NM-“When i first started playing basketball was in 2012 and i actually started with deedee, and Saddiyah another one of our captains.”


SP-“I started playing basketball when I was 6 or 7 years old with my dad. Later on, I continued playing basketball for different basketball leagues.”


What are your team expectations for this season?

ML- “I expected for us, as a team, to be well-trained and conditioned. I want us to be in the best shape we have ever been in this season, because we win when we go a fast-pace.”


SP-”I expect for us as a team to really put in work and work together to get to where we wanna be this season especially with playoffs and finals. We have to give 100% and be the best that we can be this year. “


Who are some of the big pieces for the team this year?

ML-I think Nyemah Middleton, one of the captains, is a piece for the team. She is a great scorer and is very aggressive on the court, though I believe each player on our team brings different aspects of the game that are important which makes us a great team. I also think the whole team being healthy is a big piece. Last year, starting 5 got hit by the injury bus. It was insane. We got through that adversity and still had a pretty good season so we can just imagine how the season would have went if we were all healthy all season.


NM-“I think we all play a part to make the team good .”


SP-“I would say DeeDee and Nye are a huge piece of the team because they both bring aggression on the court. Dee is an all around player which makes her a big part of the team due to the fact that she can play any position if one of the teammates are down. Nyemah is very aggressive on defense and is a scorer when it comes to offense which is needed on both ends.”


What is your favorite aspect of your sport?

ML-”My favorite aspect of basketball is the team bonding. In basketball I believe that it is very important for teams to get along because it creates a great chemistry on the court so me and the team are always together during the season whether it be sleepovers or just hanging out we build such a great bond.”


SP-”My favorite aspect of the game is going against the different teams. It challenges us as a team to work together when going against challenging teams and even when the competition is easy.”


What are your individual goals for this sport?

ML- “My individual goal for this season is to break the record for the most threes in game, be the best leader I can, and get looked at by one of my dream schools.”


NM-“My individual goals for this sport is to get my thousand points, beat the record of most steals in one game, beat the record in most points in one game, i also want to break the record on most assists.”


SP-“My individual goal for this sport is to beat the record for most threes in a game and just do better this year than the rest of my 3 prior years of playing high school basketball. I want to shoot more than I did last year and drive to the basket more when shooting doesn’t seem to be an option.”


What is your favorite matchup?


ML- “My favorite matchup would have to be Hopewell Valley because this team was very competitive and the entire game was very intense.”


NM- “My favorite matchup would have to be Cinnaminson.”


For people coming considering coming out this season, why should they do so?


ML- “Anyone considering coming out this season, you should come because this sport teaches you discipline. You will also have a great group of people encouraging you and we are funny as heck man. Just come out and see!”


SP- “For people considering to come out this season, I encourage it because it’s a way of getting away from all the school work and have fun while being competitive.”