Winter Sports Preview- Cheerleading- by Elizabeth Sexton

The PTHS Cheerleading Captains

By Elizabeth Sexton


With the recent graduation of the former PTHS Cheer captain, Diamond Jordan, the annual transition of leadership in high school pep has reappeared. This season’s PTHS Cheer co-captains, senior, Gilisa Floyd and junior, Melody Beam, have been selected through a specific captain tryout and have been leading this school year’s cheer leading team since August. Recently, they have answered my questions about the behind the scenes of leading the Cheer team.

Left: Melody Beam   Right: Gilisa Floyd

Explain your role on the team.

Floyd: “My role on the team is to keep the team running smoothly and lead the team though the good and bad times.”

Beam: “My role is to lead, although captains aren’t completely in charge my job is to convert what the coach says and get the message across to the rest of the team.”

What are the challenges of being a captain?

Floyd: “Challenges of being captain are being the middleman between the team and the coaches. It is also a challenge to set the boundaries between my friends and teammates.”

Beam: “A challenge I’ve come across as captain is trying to correct those who don’t take criticism well.”

What is your favorite part of the cheer season?

Floyd: “My favorite part of the cheer season are the competitions because they are a lot of fun and it’s fun to see all of the other teams compete.”

Beam: “Personally I love football season… I have since freshman year, over time it’s become my favorite.”

How do you think your team is doing so far?

Floyd: “I love my team and I’m so proud of the progress being made. We have come a long way.”

Beam: “Considering that are team is is kind of brand new we are doing great. I’d like to see sharper motions and louder voice, but we are on the right track.”

What are your hopes for this season?

Floyd:  “I hope that the team has fun while still working hard to achieve our goals.”

Beam: “I hope the team can bond and become more like a family this season.”


It is safe to say that the PTHS Cheer team is under more than adequate leadership with the jubilant and hopeful spirit of their captains and has a good chance in succeeding in this year’s journey.